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Restaurant Review: Foundry on Elm

January 16, 2011

Jason and I were looking to celebrate big moves in both of our careers this month (!) on Friday, but we were too tired to venture all the way into Boston. Lucky for us, Foundry on Elm has moved into the neighborhood! Billed as the “upscale” option in Davis Square, we had been wanting to try it for awhile. The only negative comment I had heard what that the lights were too bright (fair enough, who wants to eat under the glare of harsh lighting?), but when we walked in I could tell that management had gotten the message, too – the lighting was pleasantly dim, but not dark.

We had made a reservation, but somehow ended up being seating just about in the kitchen door. Not ideal, but it was busy and we were starving, so we decided to stay put.

see? not kidding. IN the door. It was fun to see the action though!


We were starving, so we decided to start with the fried calamari appetizer (our favorite app!). It came out quickly, but was incredibly salty. No complaints from us – we loved the salt (and the sauce that was served on the side – a basil aioli?) but if you don’t love salt as much as we do, you might want to try something else.

Our entrees (steak frites and grilled salmon) came out pretty quickly too, though the steak was very undercooked. We mentioned it to the waiter, who went and got the manager! The steak was whisked away and came back in no time, cooked perfectly. We were impressed, and very much appreciated the attentive service! Both entrees were fantastic – I would recommend either!


If you (or your wallet) aren’t up for the big entrees, the menu offers burgers and flatbreads, too. Plenty of options! All in all? Great service, great food … we’ll definitely be back!

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