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inspiration, actually, is all around

December 29, 2010

I promised Jason (and our little newlywed budget…) that I wouldn’t start planning any major re-decorations around the apartment (I would redecorate every month, if I could!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t collect ideas!

We visited my grandparents this past week, and I snapped this picture of their dining room wallpaper:

I’ve always loved this print (in fact, I loved it so much … check out the new header!), and I found out that it’s from a company called  Schumacher. This particular print has been in my grandparent’s dining room for 35 years, and it still looks absolutely perfect.

I think the blues and greens in this print are so calming and I love the way they compliment the dark browns and creams. When I do start my next project, this print will be the inspiration!

Is there a little corner of your world that could use a pick me up? If you take a peek through the Schumacher website, you’ll find a whole trove of inspiration that reaches far beyond wallpaper.  Keep your eyes open for inspiration … you never know where you might find it!

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