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date night (groupon edition)

October 23, 2010

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, here’s the rundown on groupon: the premise is that if enough people commit to purchasing a certain deal ($15 dollars for $30 worth of food at a restaurant, for example) then the deal is on! If there isn’t enough interest, then your card isn’t charged and everyone is out of luck. On this particular site, the deal has to be purchased within the day, because there’s a new offer every morning. Other sites, like, let you have a little more time to make your decision.

Since moving to Boston, I think J and I have become the king and queen of groupon. There is an actual folder in our file cabnet labeled “groupon folder” (I kid you not.) It’s such a great way to explore the city and to try¬†restaurants, we can just never say no! One of our latest purchases was for Diva Bistro and Lounge in Davis Square. This little Indian restaurant is tucked right up in the middle of Davis Sqaure and I had been dying to try it for awhile.

When we walked in the place was packed! Thinking we were clever we called ahead and made a reservation, which unfortunately didn’t make a difference at all since there weren’t any open tables. We were pretty annoyed about this until we found out it was the hostess’s first night. Okay, understandable. So, beyond a little bit of wait I have nothing but great things to tell you about Diva. The food was fantastic, and the mango lassi had a perfect balance of yogurt – no to watery, and not too think. For me, that’s the true benchmark of a good Indian food restaurant!

Here’s a few pictures from dinner. It was dark in there, so you’ll have to excuse the bad lighting:

We had the Royal Dinner for Two, which included: spicy soup, samosas, shish kabob, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, our choice of two entrees (we picked chicken curry and chicken makhni), rice, naan, dessert, and tea/coffee. Everything was absolutely wonderful, and you could choose mild, medium, o rhot for any dish. I stuck with mild, but J went with medium – look out, the medium is HOT! The food came out quickly but wasn’t rushed, and the servers were curteous. Without a groupon this is probably a restaurant you’ll want to ssave for a special night, but we really did think the dinner for two was a great deal – without drinks the total would have been $39.95.

If your mouth isn’t already watering, you’ve got to go try it for yourself. Diva Bistro is at 246 Elm St. in Davis Square.

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